Construction Updates

Updates on construction of our new addition:


Pouring concrete!!!

Our front building (the office, cattery, restroom, etc.) now has a foundation and a finished floor.  The concrete trucks were coming in like a convoy as 45 yards of concrete were laid down around all the floor drains and plumbing. We now have a finished floor.   Pillars for the kennel portion will be poured next week. Then comes the concrete walls with doggie doors, and then the finish floor.  Our current plan is to open in August so keep an eye out for a announcement

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MARCH 2021

Architectural drawings - complete!

Engineering - complete!

County Approval - complete!!

Dirt pad construction and compaction - complete!

We have finally begun construction!  The footings have been dug.  Re-bar is going in.  Concrete pouring begins (barring rain delays!) on March 22, 2021.  It is getting really exciting to finally see the progress after 18 months of planning.  With every construction project comes delays, but we are currently hoping to have the new facility running and open to boarders in July.  

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020



We are happy to announce we have broken ground on our new building!!!


Happy Paws Kennels is expanding with the addition of a new 50 run kennel building. The new building will include ten "first class" 120 square foot kennels (48 square feet on the inside and 72 square feet on the exterior), 40 "premium class" 90 square foot kennels (30 inside and 60 outside), a cattery with ten "condos" for our feline friends, a large lobby and ADA accessible restroom. We will continue to use the current building for "economy", so this will double the capacity of our facility, and we will remain open during the construction phase.

Don't be surprised to see large construction equipment over the next several months and watch for our grand opening announcement!!

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