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Dog Boarding Sacramento

  Keeping Your Dog on Medicine and a Special Diet at a Boarding Location

One of the hardest parts about leaving your furry friend for a vacation is making sure that he or she is going to get the same level of attention and care at home as they will at the dog boarding location near Sacramento. Dog boarding locations are going to vary in terms of their ability to truly take care of your furry friends. You want to do your homework, your research, so that you can be certain that the level of care he or she will receive at the dog boarding location you choose near Sacramento will not only meet but exceed your expectations. This includes things such as keeping up with medications and special diets.


Dogs get on special diets for a reason and it is important not to break them. Special diets are what can keep a dog happy and healthy for a very long quality lifespan. Animal boarding near me locations needs to pay attention to special diets. When you send your dog with special diet restrictions, you want to be sure that they are followed one day at a time. This can help keep the dog happy and healthy.


The same goes for any medications that the dog may need. The animal boarding near me location needs to keep up with the medication you administer. By keeping up with the medication you will be in a much better position to keep the dog healthy and in good spirits. Do your research and be sure your dog boarding location can keep up with whatever the medication regimen may be.


At Happy Paws Kennels, we take pride in taking special diets very seriously. We will also administer medication at no extra charge for all of our furry visitors. In doing so we can help ensure they maintain the same quality of life in our care as they do at home.

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