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Dog Boarding Vacaville

  Finding Dog Boarding Options for An Active Pup

No two dogs are created exactly equal. Even if you have two dogs that are of the same breed, they are going to have some significant personality differences between the two. There are going to be some dogs that are full of energy from day to night, while there are going to be others that want to do nothing but sleep all day, just getting up to eat and go to the bathroom. When you have an active pup, though, you want to be sure you are finding a dog boarding Vacaville option that can meet their unique needs.


Having an active pup can be a real challenge when you are looking for a dog boarding Vacaville location that you can trust. What you are looking for is a location where your pup is going to be able to run free. You want to give them the ability to go to a boarding location where they can get their energy out, go have a great time with their other furry friends.


The best dog boarding near me for an active pup is going to have a lot of land for the dogs to play on. They are also going to be lived in by the manager of the kennel. On top of that, you want to see play areas that are kept in a safe environment, preferably fenced areas that the dog can play within.


At the Happy Paws Kennels, we check off all of the boxes to meet the needs of the most active pups. We have over 10 country acres and have been in business since 1971. Our goal is to give your pets a healthy and comfortable experience. They can play in the breeze, soak up the fresh country air, and enjoy as the best dog boarding near me location becomes their little vacation.

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