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Important Things to Know


We accept all breeds of dogs and cats whether neutered or intact. We also accept small animals for boarding such as rabbits, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, and birds (although we may ask you to provide their cage).

Dogs and cats must be 16 weeks old prior to the first day of their stay and have received all the recommended vaccinations for their age.


Your pet may not be accepted for boarding if they are not in good health.  Diabetic dogs and cats are normally better off in a less stressful environment.  If in doubt about whether your pet should be placed in our care, please call or come for a tour and speak with a manager about the care your pet may need.



We offer a way for you to send us booking requests on-line!!  You can also update your account information and upload vaccination records. To set up your account just click on the link below or give us a call and we can get you started!


We encourage all our clients to tour the kennel with us to see where your pet will be cared for.  We never require advance notice to visit during drop off or pick up or during our normal tour hours.  We do ask that you allow a member of the staff to accompany you.  Please note that our staff may be in the middle of cleaning so, please watch your step around hoses and on the wet concrete (it can be extremely slippery).  

PLEASE!!! Leave  your pet in your car while checking in and out.  A member of our staff will assist you with your pet's food and belongings and accompany him or her safely to their kennel. This will help us prevent dog fights in the parking lot or an escape artist running for the hills.  Leave the air conditioning on when the weather gets warmer if needed.  The pavement can become quite hot so if we grab your pet and run please understand that it is to prevent burned feet!!



We are happy to provide food for your pet at no extra cost.  We supply a grain free dry kibble for your dog and a wet/canned food.  We can feed either of these or a combination of each.  We also have farm fresh eggs, hot dogs and dog treats! Please be sure to tell a staff member if your pet is allergic to any food.


For cats we have a canned pate and a chicken and rice kibble. 


If your pet is on a special diet or has a sensitive constitution, please feel free to bring their food along with you - just be sure to send enough for their entire stay plus a bit extra in case they get extra hungry from all the fun!  Just bring the food in the original bag or your home container.  There is no need to pre-bag or portion out the servings.  We will measure out each meal based on your feeding instructions. Please indicate amounts of food in standard measurements such as cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, etc. to insure your pet is feed properly. This also allows us to adjust the amount of food your pet receives based on his or her individual needs... some pets don't eat for the first meal or two while others get more activity and need a bit of extra food.

If you have not boarded your pet before or board them infrequently, they may not feel like eating their first meal or two.  They will quickly adjust and may end up eating more than usual due to the increased activity level.  Do not worry, if your pet continues to refuse to eat, we will provide enticing treats (such as hot dogs!) to stimulate their appetite.


We really don't need anything other than your pet!! 

We provide leashes, bowls, and balls to play fetch.  Please leave yours at home so they do not get lost.  For those dogs and cats who like to bring a toy with them, please feel free to send one along, but NOT Fido's favorite!  The toys can get lost and/or destroyed, so don't be surprised if the toy does not make it home.

We use Kuranda brand dog beds in all of our runs.  In addition, we provide plenty of blankets for your pet to snuggle into.  We have both heating and air conditioning inside the kennel.  We do not recommend that you bring your pet's bed.  However, if you feel you must, please be aware that dog beds do get dirty and wet.  We don't pee on your dog's bed, but sometimes they do!!  There is even a possibility that your dog or their neighbor will decide to get playful and destroy your big, expensive, new bed!!!

If you use a metal "pinch" type collar for your dog, please remove it before checking in.  Metal collars can get caught on the chain link fences in our kennel runs and injure your pet.  We have these types of collars for those dogs who need them and, upon request, will use one to walk your dog. Dog Boarding Dixon

If your pet requires a slow feeder bowl, please DO bring it along and be sure you get it back at the end of your stay.


Many items look alike and we do not always remember which item belongs with which pet, so please mark your personal belongings to ensure we return Fido's favorite toy.


A stay at Happy Paws Kennels is very different from being at home.  It is much like sending your child to summer camp.  They may get more activity and exercise than they are used to.  They will be spending their time talking to their neighbors and just plain goofing off.  It is normal for them to be tired when they get home after their visit.

We are a country kennel... this means that your dogs get to run through the field and play in the grass.  While we try to keep your pet as clean as possible, he may need a bath upon returning home.  We can provide baths for our boarders for an extra charge. Please talk to a member of the staff regarding rates for your particular pet (dog size, coat length, undercoat, etc., are all factors in the cost of bathing your dog).  Should you decide to have us bathe your pet, please give the staff your best estimate of the time you will arrive for pick up so that bathing and especially drying are completed prior to your arrival.

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