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Dog Boarding Fairfield

  Finding Overnight Dog Boarding You Can Trust in Fairfield

It can take a lot for you to place your trust in a dog boarding Fairfield location. Think about how much you care for your furry little friend. Your dog is a member of your family. He or she is your child with four legs and you care for him just as much as any other human. When you leave him or her in a dog boarding location overnight, you want to do your due diligence so you can be confident that the dog will be safe, will have a great time, and be well taken care of.


Dog boarding Fairfield locations that are going to best for your dog are going to have a reputation for keeping dogs healthy and comfortable. We at the Happy Paws Kennels have over 10 country acres that we offer to our dogs. We want to let them breathe in the country air. When they are resting in the kennel they will be in a completely climate-controlled environment. On top of that, the manager of the kennel lives right on-site.


The team is proud to offer our pet care services to dogs so that they can have a happy and healthy overnight dog boarding experience. The goal we want is for dogs to be happy when they arrive at our facility. Our indoor and outdoor lodging allows them to exercise, play, and enjoy the time. Our manager lives on-site with over 18-years experience as well to give you peace of mind that you have found the best overnight dog boarding facility for your little pup.

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