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Dog Hotel

  Tips to Help You Find the Best Dog Hotel For Your Pug

Do you have a pug that you are going to be leaving behind to go on a vacation? Pugs are a unique type of dog in that they are like the Garfield of dogs. They like to play on a spot basis, but for the most part, they are lazy, lying around and getting up to eat periodically. On top of that, though, they are also extremely friendly animals. They love other furry friends, as well as other humans to hang out with. When looking for a dog hotel for your pug, think about their needs first.


The first tip in helping you find the right dog hotel for your pug is to be sure they will not be alone. As you begin to interview with all of the puppy boarding locations, be sure that they have someone on-site at all times. At the Happy Paws Kennels, we have a manager with nearly twenty years of experience that lives right on-site. This means that your pug is never going to be left completely alone for an extended period.


You also do not want to go shopping for dog boarding prices near me and make a decision on price point alone. When you go with the cheapest puppy boarding option you will get what you pay for. It could even be that your pug ends up in a kennel overnight all alone. This is not going to be conducive to a relaxing and enjoyable time away from home while you are out on vacation.


Shopping based on dog boarding prices near me is not the answer. Instead, you want to be sure that the pug can get out and play with other dogs. They should be able to soak in the country air, playing in a safe environment, maintaining their likely special diet, and more. All of this will equate to a great time at the dog boarding location while you are on your trip away.


Pugs are one of the most unique breeds of dogs and they are a combination of cute, cuddly, and happy all at the same time. When you bring your pug to the Happy Paws Kennels we will work to make sure that your pug gets as much love here as they do at home, feeling more than comfortable from one day to the next.

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